“I just finished listening to the first recording, and oh my heart. I can't begin to say the stirrings in my soul this class has evoked. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beauty, the wisdom and the richness of what you shared. I feel so blessed that I get to bask in your light. With so much love."

“What an incredible lesson!  Thank you for your generous sharing! I am honoring the grief and holding prayerful space for our ancestor’s suffering.”

“What a tremendous gift!”

“I started listening last night at 8:00pm and couldn't turn it off--beautiful story at the end, Gail.  I also loved the resources on the links.  I'm savouring them over the week!”

“Thank you for the beauty and depth of your transmission . Listening to you speak brings me back home, Gail. Thank you.”

“Lesson 3 was a masterpiece!  Thank you <3"

“Listening to the latest recording tonight it felt like medicine for my soul. Honoring the ancestors through this remembrance and having the subtle magic of my grandmothers echoed, is so special.”

“Wow! What a powerful lesson. It has touched my heart and I have no doubt its lessons will continue to pour forth as I delve into the writing for this one.”

“Best thing ever! I look forward every week ♥️

“With each audio lesson and exploration into the study materials I am more and more aware of just how held I really am in this journey. Thank you for your genuine facilitation, Gail.”

“Soooo good!”

“I am moved to tears, a nostalgia, a relief. I have been studying traditional world systems of healing for what seems like forever...Ayurveda, Chinese and Japanese traditions, American Indigenous practices, Middle Eastern mysticism...and here, in my blood and bones. you revive my roots. It is like Christmas morning!”

“Our ancestors possessed such wisdom!  I’m astounded by all I’m learning and realizing about who I am and where I come from!”

“What a beautiful and rich lesson, Gail, I am in awe once again.”

“…Lesson 11 was so powerful. The ending reflection, that  The Madonna magnifies and radiates all the elemental magick and power back at us, vibrated through my veins and deepest knowing. Grazie!”

“So very rich, thank you.”

“So grateful for this lesson today!"

“Savoring each precious lesson!”

“I am thankful for the guidance and thoughtfulness from all of you on the forum! It's really a form of reclaiming what has been lost. Thousands of years of our ancestors living in Southern Italy, relearning it all..I wish I had more time in the day to work on the class but even the amount I have, has been beyond rewarding.”

“Gail, you’ve created the loom, giving a structure for reconnecting to the beautiful, rich threads of ancestral life ways and traditions of sud Italia, rewearing the ancestral fabric.”

“What a gift and a treasure to have this way to reconnect with what has been lost and to do it in the presence and in communion with such lovely people…"