"Benedicaria is a term that links religious faith, from the dawn of time, to our physical well-being."

Benedicaria Training 2022

Begins Tuesday November 1, 2022

I'm thrilled to offer you this 20 week in-depth exploration of Benedicaria, the Blessing Way of Southern Italian Folk Medicine. Indigenous European traditions not only still exist, they are thriving. It is my privilege to share what I know of them.

A new round of this training begins in November, 2022. Upon registration, you'll be sent an email with confirmation. On Novemver 1 you will receive instructions for accessing the class and the private forum.

Each Tuesday at 3 pm, we will meet for a live class on zoom. A link to the class recording will be posted on the forum the following day. You can watch the class at any time that is convenient for you and as many times as you wish, within the week.

Benedicaria is a term that links religious faith, from the dawn of time, to our physical well-being."

I first learned about "Doing a Little Holy Thing, or Fa Lu Santuccio" from my family of origin - my mother, aunts and grandmother. We had no special name for these practices at the time, it was simply the way things were and what we did. In recent years, I've been greatly influenced and taken deeper into this ancient indigenous tradition by elder woman in my ancestral village in Southern Italia who still practice the old ways. I have been blessed to spend an average of 3-4 months under their tutelage each year, since 2004.

I've created this program to be inherently experiential...I want you to shake loose ancestral memories. I want to help you open the portal into connection to our collective inheritance - bloodlines, language, culture and spirituality.

Benedicaria The Blessing Way of Southern Italian Folk Medicine is specifically designed for those of you with Southern Italian roots, many of whom have longed for reconnection to ancestral ways and have asked for such a course of study. However, it is not necessary to have roots in Southern Italia to benefit from this class, as it is, at heart, both a cross cultural exploration of Old World European indigenous spirit medicine and a deep dive into personal spiritual/ancestral terrain. As we say in Italia, "this is not solely Italian history it is human history."

Below you'll find the bare bones outline of the course. At the start of each week I will post the class outline as well as the homework/research/inner work assignments and writing prompts that are suggested for each week's lesson and will also include resources/links and print additions, as and if applicable. Active participation in the forum is strongly encouraged but not required.

Each week’s class audio file is at least an hour long and may run longer. They are full and generous lessons, with information pulled from countless sources, highlighted with my own experience and learning over a life time and flowing with precious, ancient prayers and rituals.

Course Fee: $350.00